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How serious is the possibility of Biden's replacement or resignation?

Eviralnews, after Joe Biden's poor performance in the first election debate with Donald Trump, swords have been drawn against the Democratic candidate, and even his closest allies are talking about his replacement options in the November presidential election.

Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett was the first Democratic lawmaker who, as a sitting member of the party, asked Joe Biden to make a “painful and difficult decision” and step down.

The possibility of replacing Biden

Now the question is, can Joe Biden step down as the party's candidate so that another person can be nominated as his successor? The answer is that introducing a successor to him is possible only if he himself decides to step down from his position, otherwise the situation will be messy for the Democrats.

In fact, the rules of the Democratic Party make it almost impossible to replace candidates without their consent, but if Biden himself decides to withdraw from the election race, then the party will officially nominate another candidate at the “Democratic National Convention”, which will be held on August 19-22. will be introduced in his place.

The Democrats' plan for now is to nominate Joe Biden and Kamla Harris as the party's candidate and vice president based on the results of the primaries.

At that meeting, the person who receives the support of the majority of “election lawyers” (Delgits) will be announced as the official candidate of the party to compete with “Donald Trump” as the candidate of the Republican Party.

Electoral lawyers are party officials who officially choose the party's candidate by voting in the National Assembly. Delgates are allocated to each candidate according to the results of the preliminary stage.

This year, Joe Biden has nearly 99% of the Democratic Party's 4,000 attorneys general. According to the party rules, these lawyers are “committed” to vote for Biden according to the results of the preliminary stage.

But if Biden withdraws, the competition will open for all possible candidates, and the National Convention will become a meeting where potential candidates are introduced, and the voting will continue until one person can win the majority of votes.

Biden has not given any indication of his intention to step down. In an interview with NBC yesterday, he said that he plans to stay in the election race and defeat Trump as he did in 2020.

Another question is whether Biden may be pressured to resign? The answer to this question seems negative. In the contemporary political environment, a party has never tried to forcefully capture the nomination. Despite this, there are loopholes in the Democratic Party's rules that, at least on paper, could be used to remove Biden.

For example, in one clause of these laws, election lawyers are allowed to “reflect in good faith the wishes of those who elected them”. Analysts of election issues say that this statement leaves the hands of the Delgitians open to consider new options.

Despite this opinion of many analysts, it is very unlikely that the Democratic election lawyers will want to start such a “rebellion” against Biden.

The possibility of replacing Kamla Harris

If Joe Biden leaves this position for any reason during his presidency, Harris will automatically replace him, but this rule is not true if Biden decides to withdraw from the election race to stay in the White House.

There is no mechanism that would give Kamla Harris a special advantage over any other Democratic candidate to be elected as Biden's successor at the Democratic National Convention. In fact, in order to win the succession, Harris must try to win the votes of election lawyers like any other candidate.

The only advantage he has may be that because he has been in Joe Biden's administration for four years, he may be considered a more favorable option than other candidates in the eyes of some election lawyers. The problem with Harris, however, is that his extremely low popularity among the general public destroys this advantage.

25th Amendment of the Constitution

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution allows the Vice President and a majority of the Cabinet to declare the President unable to perform his duties. If this amendment is activated, the power will automatically be transferred to the vice president.

This has never happened in the history of the United States, but after the first election debate, some senior officials of the Republican Party in Congress asked the Biden cabinet to use this amendment to impeach Biden.

After Trump's supporters attacked the US Congress building in 2021, the House of Representatives, which had a majority in the hands of the Democrats, passed a resolution that asked Mike Pence, Trump's vice president, to remove the president from power by triggering the 25th Amendment to the Constitution. But that effort did not go anywhere.

Alternative options

Besides Kamla Harris, several other people are mentioned as alternatives to Biden. Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of the state of Michigan, is one of them that many analysts predict will run for election in 2028 due to her popularity.

Gavin Newsom, the Democratic governor of California, who is a staunch supporter of the Biden administration, is mentioned as another candidate to replace the current president if he withdraws from the election.

“Pat Buttigieg”, the current US Secretary of Transportation, has never hidden his dreams and plans to reach the presidency. Some analysts mention him as one of the suitable options to replace Biden.

“Josh Shapiro”, the governor of the state of Pennsylvania, has also performed well in the polls. He has been elected to this post since 2022, and has been particularly noted for the rapid reconstruction of a destroyed bridge on a freeway in Philadelphia.

A long list of names have been floated as alternatives, but a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that Michelle Obama, the wife of the former US president, is the only Democratic politician capable of defeating Donald Trump in the November election.

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