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How to live a more enjoyable life with inspiration from video games?

One of the important reasons why video games are fun is their sense of progress; A feeling that we have less of in our daily life. Although it is difficult to achieve great success in the real world, in the world of games we can easily rule the world. In the real world, we face everyday vulgarity; With repetition, with very complex and difficult issues that sometimes make it difficult for us to breathe. Many things in the real world are beyond our control. In the world of games, however, everything is more understandable and it is easier to move things around, and most importantly, we will receive a suitable reward; Something that is not certain in the real world. Having said that, the question may arise that why do we play at all? Don't games make us unaccustomed to real life? Don't games make us lazy? How can we get ideas from them to make our lives enjoyable? In this article I will try to answer these questions and talk about the effectiveness and inspiration of video games on everyday life.


If we ask different gamers to name an enjoyable and memorable video game of their life, they will most likely point to story or single-player titles. Games like Read Dead Redemption 2 and Skyrim and Elden Ring or Dark Souls and Half Life 2 and Max Payne and many other titles will be mentioned. But what really makes these games enjoyable?

Gamification of life

Pay attention to the game Red Dead Redemption 2. The fact of the matter is that we all love stories. Life without stories becomes unbearable. The story also means ups and downs; It means having or finding a goal and trying to achieve it and overcoming problems and obstacles. RDR2 can tell an interesting story very well. We join Arthur and go step by step with him and our companions. The main point is that Arthur never actually fails. It can even be said that his illness is his biggest victory in life. It is a disease that makes him with his true self; It reconciles him with what he really wants to be and draws new moral boundaries for him.

Or pay attention to a game like The Walking Dead and remember its last season. It is in the last chapter of the game that we see the core of this game and that is where all the parts of the game, especially the first chapter, are connected to each other. In this season, we are facing a fundamental question: are zombies still alive? Is there still some humanity left in Corso? This is where we realize that Lee's death was not so pointless; We understand that there is still hope and there is still a future ahead; Even at the end of the world…

Gamification of life

Games, like works of art, create a new reality that sometimes conflicts with reality and sometimes complements it. It is by immersing ourselves in their reality that we can find the meaning of our reality. Sometimes the solution is to fight; Sometimes there is no choice but crazy trial and error like the Souls series. But if these are only related to the philosophy of living, isn't it better to read philosophical books and adopt a more thoughtful face? The answer is that the secret of life is in the details; In small things, in small words, even in trivial matters. And sometimes life is so cruel that you cannot continue without living in parallel worlds and acquiring their knowledge. These parallel worlds are works of art. Games involve us in their world more seriously and objectively than any other artistic medium. We solve problems in games. Of course; Even in games we sometimes cheat. But still, it's safe to say someone who is busy playing games or reading novels or watching movies – and of course not too much! – Has a better ability to face complex life issues.

How to live a more enjoyable life with inspiration from video games?

Sometimes the issues of life are simple but they are piled on each other too much and sometimes we have to make a difficult decision that our life will go in two different ways from then on. Sometimes we need to remember our past lives – the games – and even with a lot of juggling, imagine that we are doing a very important mission! I mean, maybe it's not doing a class project or fixing an air conditioner or arranging a work or non-work appointment, like saving Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite or saving Ellie in the winter season of The Last of Us; But by imitating their sense of importance and urgency, we can do our work more easily.

In fact, what these previous lives have taught us is that usually dangers pass by us; Like the Uncharted game series, where death is lurking every moment and we mock him.

One of the ways we can live much better and escape from the fragile burden of everyday life is to treat life like a game; It means to live as if we are in the middle of a very important game; A game that will never be repeated again.

Even the most scheduled people admit that the feeling of solving problems at the last minute is incomparable. That sense of urgency and focus we have while doing work is the result of being under pressure due to running out of time. So the first step in gamification of life is to program our mind in such a way that despite having a lot of time to do something, we think that we are standing on the edge and there is very little time left.

There are various applications in this regard and sometimes they are attractive. Some of them, like a role-playing game, level our skills and we can improve some of these skills by doing certain things. Also, the range of doing things can also be defined in them. In fact, with this method, you can fill the void of motivations and emotions. Even in the new resume writing forms, we can see that they have approached this method by leveling and graphing skills, background, education and projects.

Gamification of life
Habitica application

But there is a much better way to do this: write the game of your life yourself! Some people may think this method is ridiculous and childish. But in fact, this method says that life is not empty and can be more interesting than any video game. For this, you should pick up a pen and place your life missions in two main and secondary categories. Then make a road map for it and check the map after completing each mission. Keep a journal and write about daily events in it. Write down your skills and describe how much skill you need to do each job and how much will be added to your skill after doing that job. Write about your income and list your sources of income. Write down your weight. Even write down your mood. Write as if you were creating a complete game. In the end, you will see that you have reached a good self-knowledge and you have more motivation to do things. Of course! Do not be mistaken. This game is not supposed to be fun at all. Because life is full of routines and events that are mostly against our mood. So what should be done? Swords should be sharpened and Don Quixote went to war. You have to fight like fools and have hope. Like a person whose life is so empty that he has to fill his life with a game. But this game is serious now. No one can say that he is wasting his time because this game is his life.

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