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I cried at Cristiano Ronaldo's feet!

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According to “Varesh Three”, after defeating Robin Montgomery from the USA, Anas Jaber qualified for the next stage of the Wimbledon tennis competition, and on Saturday, he will face Elina Svitlina from Ukraine, a match that may coincide with the England match. match against Switzerland in Euro 2024.

Despite the numerous tennis programs, Jaber says he tried to watch the Euro 2024 games as much as possible. He said about this: “I watched a lot of games and some of them were disappointing because I expected more excitement.

I watched Portugal's last game and when Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty, his tears made me sad because I love him so much. I must say that as much as he cried, I cried while watching him and I was sad.”

He then added about the game between England and Slovakia: “I watched the England game when they came back and I was very nervous because I wanted them to win. It was incredible to score at the last minute. Bellingham scored a fantastic goal.”

He described himself as a big football fan and said: “I'm a big football fan and I hope I get a chance to watch the England national team play closely.”

Source : Varzesh3

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