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I didn't think about retirement; Now is not the time!

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Germany has some old players and Manuel Neuer is one of them. Toni Kroos said goodbye to national football after the end of Germany's work in Euro 2024, and many people wondered when Manuel Neuer plans to retire.

The German national team lost 2-1 to the Spanish national team in the quarter-final stage to eliminate one of the main contenders for the championship of this competition. Neuer, the goalkeeper of this team, expressed his feelings after the game and said:It was a bitter game. We are all upset. I don't want to talk about it. Now we just have to think about this defeat and thank the fans for their support during this time. We must apologize to them for such a result

Neuer also answered a question about saying goodbye to the national team: “It might take me six months or more to decide on that.”

Of course, saying goodbye to Neuer will be as painful as saying goodbye to Kroos. He is one of the most worthy goalkeepers in the history of Germany and his absence will definitely have a great impact on the German national team.

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