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I would like to play against Spain in the final!/ You have no right to disrespect Türkiye

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The Netherlands and Turkey faced each other in the crucial match of the quarter-final stage of Euro 2024, and the Netherlands won this spectacular game with the result of 2-1 and reached the semi-finals and face England. Ronald Koeman, the head coach of the Oranges, admitted in a conversation with reporters that his team can reach the final.

Koeman said:I know maybe we haven't played the best teams yet, but that doesn't make much sense. You can see that other countries are also making progress, so we have performed admirably. If we reach the final, I would personally prefer to play against Spain, because we already played against France in the group stage. It is often thought that we will win against a not so big name, but there is no such thing as a small team in the Euros. We should not think that we did not have a great opponent, because in my opinion this is disrespectful, especially to Türkiye. I think this is a win for the whole team. “We started well and we are often criticized for giving up after falling behind, but we didn't give up tonight.”

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