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If I were from Persepolis, I would have preferred Osmar to stay/a more obvious penalty? It's a pity that the referee was English/ the football player should drink whatever money he gets!

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According to the report of Khabarozhi, football and cinema are two human phenomena that are highly noticed by people all over the world. Two phenomena with common members, there are many football players and coaches who are interested in cinema and of course the stars of the sky of art who follow football. In Iranian football, there are not a few prominent movie figures with colored ties, but the artistic stars who have aristocracy on football and follow the issues of this field in detail, do not reach the number of the fingers of two hands, and Nima Shahrokh Shahi is definitely one of the most prominent in this regard. I have already had football interviews with him in sports news, and every time after talking, I am more convinced that Shahrukh Shahi's nobility is more than many of our experts! Nima, who is a fan of Germany's De Atiche, answered our questions hours after this team's elimination from the Euros:

I apologize in advance for bothering you at such a bad time. You are not having a good day!

Exactly, especially since a series of bitter memories were repeated for us independents! Could a penalty be more certain than that? How can a referee at this level not get such a 100% penalty?

Do you think the referee made a mistake?

When we know that the referee is English, the story becomes even more strange!

But the refereeing rules have changed a lot and with the presence of the video assistant referee, the possibility of making a mistake – that too at this level – is much less?

I don't know the details of the new rules, but based on what we have seen and know from football, it is not possible to have a penalty more than this. His hand was open, his body size increased, and most importantly, he blocked a definite goal.

At the beginning of Euro, which team did you think would win the championship?

It is certain that Germany, either because of my childhood interest in this team or because of the host, when Germany and Spain met, it was clear that the winner would win the championship.

Many had such an opinion and called this game an early final!

Apart from the background and strength and honors of the two countries, the course of the games in this tournament also determined that Germany and Spain are the main contenders for the cup.

And now you give Spain the chance to win the championship?

Definitely, this team with so many young players can rule European and world football for many years.

How did you see the other contenders? For example, France and England?

Countries that are referred to as traditional contenders are good models for professional and stable teams. Even if they have technical problems or a lack of players in some positions, they always advance to the final stages because of the same personality and high experience. Look at Argentina in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, they won two games with penalties and finally won the championship with penalties!

But many criticize France!

France has stars who can change the fate of the game at any moment. It is true that this team scores few goals, but look at its defense line and defense system, which is very bully and does not score goals.

And what about England? Do you think he will make it to the finals?

On this side, Spain and France have a very sensitive and difficult game. As I said, France's defensive strength is exemplary, just like Spain's offensive strength, but on the other hand, among the four teams of Turkey, Holland, England and Switzerland, I think England has more chances to reach the final.

Adel Ferdosipour launched a prediction league with artists, why aren't you in this league with all this mastery over football? You weren't invited or you didn't go yourself?

No, I was not invited, I was not and am not aware of this story at all.

Let's go back a little, tell us about our league!

Honestly, I'm still so angry and sad about what happened in the league that I prefer not to talk!

Esteghlal lost the cup last week, with a goal that Persepolis scored and it was suspicious!

Whatever I say, a great evil will happen. Let's forget what happened to us…

Ownership of Esteghlal – your favorite team – has been transferred. Are you optimistic about this change?

Yes, I am very happy for independence. The fact that, unlike previous years, at the beginning of the transfer season, there are those who have renewed with the players, there is reason to hope. With the arrival of this holding, time is no longer lost.

As a supporter of independence, what do you expect from the new owners?

To build a team that is worthy of a large number of Esteghlal fans.

How did you see the performance of other competitors in transfers? Persepolis, Sepahan and Tractor?

In all these years, these four teams have always claimed the championship. Sepahan builds a good team every year, Traktor has a habit of buying expensive stars, but I see a good team in Esteghlal and hope for the future.

Didn't you say about Persepolis?

Persepolis' great advantage is that it maintains its structure every year. The secret of Persepolis' success in these years is that the main skeleton of the team is always maintained and the weaknesses or vacancies of separated players are always well filled.

Do you think the Spanish coach can be successful in Persepolis?

If I were from Persepolis, I would prefer Vira to stay. He worked with Yahya Golmohammadi and was well acquainted with the structure of the club and the players. The new coach needs a long time to settle in our football and get to know the players.

Do you think that the change of coach will cause the decline of Persepolis and favor Esteghlal?

No, I don't think that Persepolis will decline in the long run because the club's original structure will be maintained.

But from the same shape and skeleton, they say that Biranvand, Torabi and Ismaili Far are separated!

I look at the story from another angle. That millions of people play football but only a few reach the national level and this level. The life of a professional athlete in football is very short and he should think about his future and his family like any other person in any job. It is not right for us to judge people. Everyone has the right to think the best for themselves.

What do you think about the figures that are moving in the Iranian football scene these days?

Becoming a professional player is not for everyone. When you reach this level, no matter how much you drink your life; Your right!

Source : Khabarvarzeshi

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