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I'm celebrating for myself/ You should kiss these players' foreheads; They played their hearts out

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The Turkish national team had a very good performance in Euro 2024 and the team deservedly reached the quarter-finals and met the Netherlands, but could not pass the barrier of the Oranges and lost with a result of 2-1 and bid farewell to Germany. Vincenzo Montella, the Turkish coach, praised his players after the match and evaluated the team's performance.

“Look,” he said Too much detail is not a good thing. We progressed from our group in fantastic fashion and we have to look at what we did well. We lost this game because of inexperience. I have no regrets. Of course, we could have done better, but we won three games in this tournament and broke the previous records. We should kiss the foreheads of these players. Don't worry, the future is much brighter and I see it as safe. I look to the future with confidence. We had a great tournament. Holland's wins were the same as ours. We are one of 5 We are the best team of the tournament and a very good and young team. Many players present here in the European Championship in the year 2032 Among 26-27 They will have years. We played with Turkish spirit. Despite such a defeat, our players played with their hearts. Turkey will be viewed differently from now on

Montella added: “It's easy to say that if I had made the changes earlier it would have happened and we wouldn't have scored. Sometimes you may be asked why you made such changes so soon. We had a great tournament. The next tournament for me is the League of Nations in September. Our goal is to take a short break and prepare for new goals. I have no worries, I'm celebrating for myself. Many of our players are very young. It was a great experience to be here.»

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