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Increasing the favor of American voters to Harris and Clinton as candidates to succeed Biden

According to Isna's online news report, a poll conducted by the opinion polling company “Bendixen and Amandi” following the disastrous performance of “Joe Biden”, the president of the United States and the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, in the first presidential debate with “Donald Trump”, his Republican opponent. Published by “Paltico” magazine, it has been determined that Joe Biden will lose in the competition with Trump with a result of 42% against 43%.

According to the results of this survey, out of a total of 86 percent of potential voters who watched all or part of this debate, only 29 percent said that this American president has the mental capacity and physical strength necessary to serve as the president of the United States for another four years. On the other hand, 61% said that he lacks it. Only 33% of respondents said Biden should continue as the Democratic presidential nominee, while 52% said he should not. Half of Democrats said Biden should remain their party's nominee or that he is mentally and physically qualified for another term.

According to the aforementioned poll, “Kamala Harris”, the vice president of the United States, has an advantage in the race for the presidency with Donald Trump with a result of 42% against 41%. On the other hand, according to the results of this survey, Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State of the United States, who was Trump's Democratic opponent in the presidential election in 2016, despite her name being considered as a serious candidate to replace Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate. Not discussed in the hypothetical competition with Trump with a result of 43% to 41%.

According to this poll, the combination of Clinton with Kamala Harris as the vice presidential candidate defeats Trump with a result of 43% to 40%, and four percent more votes compared to the combination of Joe Biden with Harris as the vice president.

“Fernand Amandi”, the veteran head of this opinion polling company based in Miami, who previously advised “Barack Obama”, the former president of the United States in 2 presidential election campaigns, pointing out that more than a third of the Democrats consider the current president of the United States to be worthy. They do not know a candidate for the presidency, emphasized that Biden should not continue his candidacy. He said: “American voters have a significant concern about Biden's age, and this concern has become more intense, but it is still not enough to give Trump an outright victory.”

In this survey, other democratic figures who can be considered as Biden's successors in case of his withdrawal from the election contest did not get much success. California Governor Gavin Newsom trailed Trump by 37% to 40%, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer lost to Trump by 36% to 40%.

The survey was conducted with a population of 1,000 potential voters and an error rate of 3.1% between July 2nd and 6th. Recently, an increasing number of Democratic officials, activists, and financial supporters have increased pressure on Biden to withdraw from the race in response to Biden's poor performance in the election debate with Trump held on June 27.

The poll also showed that the combination of Kamala Harris as the Democratic Party's presidential candidate and Josh Shapiro, the governor of Pennsylvania as the vice presidential candidate, defeated Trump with a 2 percent advantage, 42 to 40. But the combination of Harris and Gretchen Whitmer as the vice presidential candidate lost 39% to 41% of Trump.

Hillary Clinton, who is 76 years younger than Trump and Biden, publicly said that she will no longer run for the presidency. After the controversial presidential debate between Biden and Trump in Atlanta, he has emphasized his continued support for Biden's candidacy. Shapiro, 51, was Pennsylvania's attorney general before becoming governor of Pennsylvania last year.

Despite the increasing demands of Democrats and other figures in America to withdraw from the presidential candidacy, Biden has rejected these requests and promised to continue his candidacy.

However, the said poll asked the participants a provocative question: would you still be ready if Biden suffers from cognitive impairment due to his old age and the probability that he will be able to complete another four-year term of the presidency is low, just because Vote for Biden to prevent Trump from winning again?

In response to this question, 48% of voters said that they would not vote for Biden, while 44% said that they would still vote for Biden; 75% of those who still voted for Biden in response to this question were Democrats. Black voters are considered to be the strongest group of voters supporting Biden, as 55 percent of them said they would still vote for Biden's candidacy even if he suffers from mental infirmity due to old age and may not be able to run for president until 2029.

According to this survey, 53 percent of the respondents said that they consider Donald Trump's presidency as an acute threat to democracy in America. 37% stated that such a talk is classified as party political rhetoric and it is unlikely to happen.


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