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Israel Center: Haifa will be under the fire of Hezbollah in any war

Eviralnews, in continuation of the Israels' concern about the dangerous scenarios of any expansion of the war with Hezbollah, a prominent Israel study center announced: Israeli estimates indicate that in any major war, Hezbollah will use a major part of its firepower. In the first days of the war, it will focus on the Haifa area, and there is no side in the world that can deal with the volume of missiles and rockets that Hezbollah will fire at Israel (Occupied Palestine).

In the war with Hezbollah, Haifa becomes an unlivable place

Tal Perry, director of the Alma Research Center of the Israel regime, who is a specialist in the affairs of the northern front of the occupied Palestine, announced in this context: In the first days of the wide-scale war with Hezbollah, this party will mainly focus on the Haifa region and it will be impossible to live there. will be

He added: Hezbollah has the ability to manufacture weapons inside Lebanon, and the process of transferring weapons to this party will continue throughout the war. In such a situation, Hezbollah can continue to launch rockets for a very long time. The amount of weapons that Hezbollah has at its disposal would allow it to launch at least 3,000 rocket attacks per day against Israel in the first 10 days of the war.

The ALMA study center further emphasized in its report: Assuming that such a war lasts for almost two months, Hezbollah can inflict a big blow on Israel's economy by firing at least a thousand missiles and rockets a day. Of course, this volume of rocket launches by Hezbollah does not include the attacks that this party will carry out against the Israeli army forces in Lebanon.

No one in the world can counter Hezbollah's missiles

In the continuation of this report, it is stated: There is no party in the world that is able to deal with this volume of Hezbollah's missile and rocket attacks. Maybe not all the rockets and missiles that Hezbollah fires will hit their target, but since the volume of rocket attacks will be so high, they will be quite effective, and what we see in the north today is comparable to what we will see in a full-scale war. , is very insignificant.

This Israel center continued: Haifa city will be red on the map in a massive war with Hezbollah. This area is attractive to Hezbollah for three reasons: First, it is the third largest city with a population of 300,000 or maybe more. The second is that Israel's most important strategic facilities and infrastructure, including seaports, oil refineries, military camps, security factories, power plants, and facilities where large amounts of hazardous materials are stored, are located in Haifa. The third reason is that Haifa is not ready for war.

According to this report, however, Israel has no plans to evacuate the residents of Haifa, along with the thousands of people who have been displaced to the area since the Gaza war. More than half of Haifa's population does not have solid rooms, and many of them live inside buildings that have become quite old. The only solution is to create urban and underground shelters like shanties, but how can you really live like this?

After the successful operation of Hizbullah's “Hodhud” drone in Haifa, located in the north of occupied Palestine, and the clear imaging of all the sensitive centers of the Israels in this region, as well as the threats that Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hizbollah, made against the Israel regime and its supporters in his speech on Wednesday. Kurds, fear and concern in political, media and even military circles of the Israel regime about any large-scale war with the Lebanese resistance has increased more than before, and the Israels believe that a large-scale war with Lebanon means mass suicide of Israelis.

On the other hand, due to the significant economic importance of Haifa's strategic area for the Israels, the Hodeh UAV's imaging of Israel's sensitive positions in Haifa makes this regime more worried.

With the start of the Gaza war, especially after Yemen joined the Al-Aqsa storm battle in support of the people of Gaza, and the sea blockade that Ansarullah has imposed against the Israel regime, the activities of the occupied Eilat port as well as the Ashdod port were significantly disrupted, and after that Haifa is considered as the most important facility of Israel's economy; Because the economy of the Israel regime depends on Haifa in terms of production, trade, import and export up to 75% and food and medical security of this regime up to 80%.

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