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“Jeddah talks” are the focus of Khartoum and Riyadh talks

Eviralnews, “Walid bin Abdul Karim Khariji”, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, upon arriving in Sudan, met with General “Abd al-Fattah Burhan”, the head of the Sovereign Council and the commander of the army of this country, and discussed the resumption of “Jeddah talks” to stop the fighting between the armies. And the rapid response forces talked to him.

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“Hassan Amin”, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sudan, in a press statement published by the media office of the ruling council of this country, stated: In this meeting, General Burhan emphasized Sudan's strong desire for the success of the Jeddah negotiations and stated that the agreement reached in May 2023 is signed, come into force.

The army and the rapid reaction forces, with the mediation of the United States and Saudi Arabia, agreed in May 2023 that the ceasefire should take effect immediately and that the two sides should take confidence-building measures. Also, the rapid reaction forces should be deployed outside the cities and civilian facilities and in the designated areas outside the cities, but this agreement was not implemented and the Sudanese army suspended the talks in Jeddah in December of the same year.

According to the Sudan Tribune newspaper, in this meeting, General Burhan and Khareji discussed adding new mediators to the Jeddah negotiation process, and the head of the Sudanese Governing Council emphasized that the parties supporting the rapid response forces should not be present in this process.

Sudanese authorities have said they have proof that the UAE is providing arms support to the Rapid Reaction Forces. Since this issue has been raised, the relations between the two countries have turned dark to the extent that it has led to the expulsion of diplomats from both sides.

According to the statement of the media office of the ruling council of Sudan, in this meeting, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia emphasized the desire of his country to maintain the stability and security of Sudan and said: establishing stability and security in Sudan has a positive effect on maintaining the stability and security of the region (Horn of Africa).

Since April 26, 2023, when the battle between the army and the rapid reaction forces began, more than 15 thousand civilians have lost their lives and more than 10 million citizens have been displaced from their homes and villages.

According to the United Nations report, more than half of Sudan's 45 million people are struggling with food insecurity and are deprived of access to basic life facilities, including food and medicine.

Organizations and institutions active in humanitarian affairs have warned of a humanitarian disaster in Sudan and have asked the warring parties in this country to end the war as soon as possible so that they can provide their aid and services to Sudanese citizens.

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