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Kane joined Fiorentina/Thuram joined Juventus

Eviralnews, Moiseh Keane finally left this team today (Tuesday) and joined Fiorentina by signing a five-year contract after going back and forth in Juventus. The Italian striker, who had only one more year left in his contract with Juve, was a member of Juve between 2016 and 2019, and in between he played for Hellas Verona for one season on loan. He then joined Everton and in the four years he was a member of this club, he played on loan for Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus, and it was in 2023 that Juve finalized his contract.

24-year-old Moiseh Kane played in 19 games of different competitions for the old lady last season and did not score a goal. He managed to score 22 goals in 123 games during his two periods in Juventus, and he scored 17 goals in 41 games in Paris Saint-Germain.

Juventus is also on the verge of officially announcing the purchase of Kefern Thoram from Nice, France, a player who successfully passed Juve's medical tests today (Tuesday). The 23-year-old central midfielder, who is the younger brother of Marcus Thuram (Inter striker) and the son of Bianconeri veteran Lilian Turan, will commit himself to Juve by signing a five-year contract.

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