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Kayalp's reaction to his ban from the 2024 Paris Olympics

According to Tasnim news agency, Turkish wrestler Reza Kayalep was temporarily banned from participating in the competition due to the discovery of a prohibited substance in the medicine he had taken under the supervision of a sports doctor. In this way, this heavyweight wrestler will not be able to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, and Hamzah Bakr will replace him. World and European champion Reza Kayalep, who has the title of Olympic vice-champion in his career, was one of Turkey's biggest hopes in the Paris Olympics to win a medal.

“Despite all the professional care I have shown during my 24 years of successful clean sports career, I am facing an unfortunate situation in my final preparations for the Olympics and I wanted to be honest as always before the media asks anything about it,” Kayalup, 34, said in a statement. To announce, I will update you on everything due to increased pain due to whistling in my ears, dizziness and headache recently, urgent medical intervention was performed.

Throughout my career I have shown due care and attention in all aspects of my life. I have not gone without expert approval on the food I eat or the pain relievers I use. This attention to detail is also well known in the sports community. I started my treatment process with the prescription written by the doctor and with the consultation of my sports doctor in written and verbal form and with professional knowledge.

As a result of the wrong treatment I received during this treatment process, which was approved by my sports doctor, I was banned from sports by the officials of the World Wrestling Union (UWW). Therefore, I am in danger of not being able to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics. We have started our legal fight for this injustice that I suffered during my pure sports career.

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