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“Kill” movie; The most Indian masterpiece of 2024 that you should not miss!

When we hear the phrase “Indian film”, one of the first things that comes to our mind is an emotional hero with mind-boggling strength who can beat hundreds if not thousands of people with his bare hands when he gets angry. If we consider this aspect, we have to call the movie “Kill” one of the most “Indian” movies of this year, which, ironically, is very attractive and well-made.

Killing writer-director Nikhil Nagesh Bhatt has paid homage to action classics like Die Hard by confining all of the film's action scenes to a train heading to New Delhi.

According to Faradid's report; “Killing” surprises you from the very first moments. The train in which the film's adventures take place departs within five minutes of the start of the film, and along with the movement of this train, the train of action and exciting scenes of the film also starts. In this train, the main character of the film, Amrit (played by Laksh Lalwani), along with his beautiful fiance Tulika (Tanya Maniktala) and his loyal friend Viresh (played by Abhishek Chahan) are present.

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Only five minutes later, a group of thieves appear among the passengers and violently rob them. This scenario is an incredibly clever idea for a thriller. The robbery is carried out over a two-hour route, and the thieves eliminate any possibility of escape or help by jamming phone lines and turning off the emergency brake. Of course, what they can't neutralize are the two angry army commandos (ie Amrit and his friend) sitting in compartment B1.

Quickly, Amrit and Viresh jump into action and with numerous kicks and elbows, they make the robbers regret traveling on this train! The sudden change of Amrit's character from a loving professional boy to a muscular mountain with an angry face is an event that is depicted in the film in a very believable, exciting and spectacular way. His mustachioed friend also shows a high fighting ability despite his small size and calm appearance.

The action scenes of the movie are energetic, chaotic and mind boggling. As a result of sudden blows, bodies are thrown to the seats, windows, floor and ceiling of the train, every device in the train becomes a deadly weapon, and you even have to wait for the hose of the fire extinguisher to be inserted into people's throats or to set their heads on fire!

Bhatt has managed to depict the action scenes in such a clear way that while conveying the sense of excitement and terror, we can always notice the events and know what exactly is happening. For this reason, the filming method of this movie should be considered an admirable masterpiece.

Hindi movie, Kill movie, Kill movie, Nikhil Nagesh Bhatt, classic action movies

Plus, throughout the film, the endless energy of the action scenes is accompanied by a powerful soundtrack that combines electric guitars, pounding beats and epic vocals.

In addition to using train items as weapons (from sheets to fire extinguishers), Amrit and his friend also use the knives that the robbers brought with them to the train, and this use is done in many different creative ways throughout the film.

In the tradition of classic action movies, The Kill also pits a hulking villain in tracksuits named Siddharth (played by Pareth Tiwari) against the main character, whose fists look like they could split gigantic trees.

But this movie also has a specific story and purpose in the heart of its non-stop action; The head of the robbers, named Fani, has taken Amrit's fiance hostage, and it is clear that Amrit must fight his way through the wagons full of thieves to reach him; So his last stop will be a bloody confrontation with the mortal himself. Along the way, however, The Kill continues to surprise us with its particular arrangement of dramatic moments, unexpected tone shifts, and even the way the action scenes constantly shift geographically.

In a key moment of the story that comes at the most unexpected time, Amrit finally breaks free. Until then, he and Viresh have tried their best not to kill anyone in the fight against the thieves; But now Amrit has completely turned into a raging madman and attacks every enemy in front of him with all his might, striking fear into the hearts of the audience.

One of the very interesting points in this movie is that the hero's madness and anger rises to the point where he becomes a monster or a crazy demon in the eyes of the thieves; In fact, unlike many movies that introduce “horror” from the side of anti-heroes into the story, in the movie “Killing”, the main cause of horror is the hero himself.

In a word, it can be said that “Killing” is a crazy, creative and brutal action that never stops entertaining the audience despite the violence. The film pays homage to classic action films while adding new and exciting ideas to the action genre.

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