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La Roja is a model for youth in the national team; He didn't chant like some people/ the kids who took a picture with Messi don't show mercy to the elders of Europe

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According to news report, Spain broke another record by winning against France. The only team that has won 6 consecutive games in the Euro, without the need for penalty kicks either during the match or at the end of it! From the first day, Spain displayed the most beautiful football and was the most worthy contender for the championship. On the day when Germany and Spain were supposed to play in the quarter-finals, everyone said that the final was premature and the winner of this game was the winner of the cup. But in today's football world, we don't have a weak team anymore, let alone the continent of Europe with so many contenders and stars….

France is not a small team. Finalists of the last 2 World Cups with a star-studded squad and big names that are enough to win a match each. The team that has played together in recent years and Didier Deschamps has a stable position with authority for many years. This game was full of technical tips, analysis and many lessons for our coaches. All the records were changed, which gave the best headlines to the media and pleased the statistics collectors. For example, Lamine Yamal broke the legendary Pele's 66-year-old record and managed to score a goal in a first-class national tournament at a younger age than him. But perhaps the most important thing about Spain's victories, breaking records and this brilliant show is that La Roja came to the field with a completely young skeleton and has also received the reward of trusting in youth. Luis Delafonte was in the Spanish youth team for 5 consecutive years and came to the senior level with the same team.

What Iranian football experienced in the 50s and was the server of Asia for a decade. Practical and not rhetorical attention to youthfulness and fielding young people made us have a 22-year-old player in the starting line-up in the 1978 World Cup, and this formula has worked at the highest level of world football in Europe as well. Spain is one of the biggest coach exporters to the whole world. It has one of the best leagues in the world. It owns El Clasico as the most important game in the world and has the king of European football, Real Madrid, but this same country gives its main team to the youth coach with this rich mine!

This green light allows him to confidently bring 16-20-year-old youth to the national team, and these days we see what trouble they bring to the heads of Europe's elders. Lamine Yamal and Nico Williams have offers from the biggest clubs in the world right now, Danny Olmo is the star of the cup with number 10 and these are the kids who took pictures with Lionel Messi when they were kids!

There is no need to repeat and emphasize that Amir Ghale Nooyi came to work with the slogan of youth, but after more than a year of his presence on the bench of the national team, we do not see any young man who does not have a history of playing in the national team before and in the team composition. Amir play! Of course, there are critics all over the world, but this Spain can be a source of encouragement and support for the new castle. If he gives the field to young people and even fails, everyone will accept because he has insured the future of football. In addition, the young player has a lot of motivation to shine and become famous, and with this motivation, he can bring big stars to their knees.

Spain rejuvenated in practice and now has both the show and the result, but even if it didn't have one of these two, it would have won Euro 2024 because the future already belongs to La Roja. I wish we could go back to our past and repeat this formula again, talented Iranian youth are no less than Spanish youth.

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