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Lebanon denied sending a secret message to Israel's foreign minister

Eviralnews, Lebanon's Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement claiming that the Israel publication “Jerusalem Post” had sent a message from Abdullah Bouhabib, the Lebanese Foreign Minister, to Israel Katz, his Israeli counterpart, last week. He rejected the mediator “Jihun Bayramov”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan.

While denying any secret exchange of messages between the foreign ministers of Lebanon and the Israel regime, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry added: The foreign ministers of Lebanon and Azerbaijan met only on the sidelines of the Economic and Arab Cooperation Forum with the countries of Central Asia and Azerbaijan in Doha, and during this meeting, the latest situation was discussed. “Fikin Oljakjian”, a Lebanese-Armenian citizen who has been detained in Baku since 2020, has been investigated.

In the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, it has been emphasized that the meeting between Bouhabib and Bayramov in Doha was based on the request for help from Lebanese Armenian parties and personalities in order to mediate the Lebanese diplomatic apparatus with the Azerbaijani side in order to facilitate the process of the release of this Lebanese-Armenian citizen, and there was no message in it. It was not sent to the Israels through the mediation of Baku.

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