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Lineker's strange choice to lead the English national team

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According to “Eviralnews“, although Southgate did not win the cup, he was undoubtedly the most successful English coach in the 21st century. His current contract with the Three Lions expires in December this year and the FA is actively scouting for potential replacements.

Gary Lineker and Mika Richards, BBC experts, regardless of the final result of Euro 2024, have mentioned the name of Frank Lampard, the legend of Chelsea and the national team. Lampard worked as a BBC pundit alongside Lineker and Richards, and it seems the two pundits have been influenced by the former Chelsea and Everton manager.

Lineker said in the “Football, That's It” podcast: “In my opinion, no matter what happens, this will be Southgate's last tournament. If he wins the championship, he will definitely quit, and if he doesn't, I still think he will decide to quit. Of course, the final decision is with him. But Frank Lampard should not be underestimated either. I think he is tactically very smart and the players will respect him immediately. Of course, I am talking a little ahead of the discussion. “I think he was a bit unlucky during his coaching career.”

Mika Richards, the former defender of Manchester City and the English national team, confirmed this claim and said: “When he went to Derby I think everyone believed they were playing good football but they had to go up. He moved to Chelsea during the transfer ban and still managed to finish in the top four, while introducing young players such as Tommy Abraham and Mason Mount. He then moved to Everton and kept them in the Premier League. He didn't play brilliantly, but he made the most of what he had. Then he went back to Chelsea, which I think was the only period where he was judged harshly.”

He then praised Lampard's tactical knowledge, pointing to the Chelsea legend's analysis during the BBC's Euro coverage: “Frank's analysis took about three minutes, and normally, if someone is going to talk that deeply, the audience will probably get bored after two minutes. But I was fascinated by his analysis for three full minutes. It was clear that he had something inside him. “He is intelligent and the way he explains his points shows that he has the spirit of a coach.”

While Lampard doesn't have the best track record to prove himself, it seems the FA doesn't have many options to replace Southgate at the moment. This may cause the Chelsea legend to enter the game despite not coaching since 2023.

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