Macron did not accept the resignation of the prime minister

Despite the failure of the ruling party in the parliamentary elections, the French president did not accept the resignation of the prime minister of this country and asked him to continue his work.

According to the political group of the Anna Science and Technology News Agency, one day after the second round of early French parliamentary elections and its unexpected results, Prime Minister Gabriel Ethel went to the Elysee Palace to resign, but President Emmanuel Macron asked him to stay at work for the time being. stay until the “stability of the country” is maintained.

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon, one of the leaders of the left coalition, said that Macron has the duty and power to choose the prime minister from among the leftists. The left coalition, which won the most votes, says it will nominate its candidate for prime minister by the end of the week.

Now the French political scene is facing a new arrangement of forces. Incumbent Prime Minister Gabriel Ethel said he would resign immediately after the results were announced, although he would like to stay on during the Olympics in France this month.

34-year-old Ethel took office earlier this year as France's youngest prime minister. But now the main issue in France is the debate over the future prime minister.

Out of 577 seats in the French Parliament, the left-wing coalition “New Popular Front” unexpectedly won 182 seats, the “Together” (Ensemble) coalition of President Emmanuel Macron 168 seats, and the “National Assembly” coalition of the far-right party and its allies won 143 seats.

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