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Mamyashvili's reaction to Mamedov bypassing the Russian ship

According to Tasnim news agency, while Mamyashvili officially announced a few days ago that Russian wrestling has boycotted the Paris Olympics due to the bans imposed by the IOC, Shamil Mamedov told the International Olympic Committee that he intends to participate in the Paris Games.

The president of the Russian Wrestling Federation and the vice-president of the World Union, who is obviously very upset and upset by this decision, answered the questions about the 65 kg wrestler of this country bypassing the Russian wrestling in an interview.

– This was Mamedov's personal decision and did he contact the IOC himself?

I don't know what was his motivation or with whom he did it and who encouraged him.

– Did you talk to Shamil Mamedov about this?

What is the point of talking to him now? Everyone approved the decision of the executive committee and we didn't know he was going to go and say he was going to wrestle. We cannot force him to do something, but the wrestlers must announce such decisions to the head coach or the official of their region and city, tell someone that they have such a decision.

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