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Manchester United's agreement with Zirkazi – Tasnim

Eviralnews, Yashua Zirkazi, who gave an acceptable performance in Bologna last season and scored 12 goals and provided seven assists in 37 games, has received the attention of Manchester United and Milan, but in his opinion, It seems that this player plans to go to the English Premier League to continue his career.

According to the report of English media; The Manchester United club has reached a personal agreement with the 23-year-old Zirkazi, and the managers of this English club are now negotiating with the Bologna club on how to pay the termination fee of 34 million pounds of the Dutch striker's contract.

The former Bayern Munich striker, who joined Bologna in 2022, has a history of playing for Parma and Anderlecht. Erik Tenhach is keen to add Zirkazi to his squad for next season.

Manchester United is also looking to sign Bayern Munich's Dutch defender Matthijs Delicht to strengthen their defense.

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