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Matheus: This player could be Germany's Rodri

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According to “Eviralnews“, Toni Kroos, the 34-year-old star of Real Madrid and the German national team, could not say goodbye to national football after winning the European Champions League title, despite winning the Euro 2024. Kroos, who had shone in the midfield of Germany and Real for many years, will leave a big void for both teams.

But Lothar Matthaus, the legend of German football, has identified his successor. He wrote in his column on Sky Germany: “The big question for me is who will take over the role of Kroos? We saw in the Spanish national team with Rodri's fantastic performance how important this position is, even if Toni interpreted it a little differently in the German national team. “There's only one person, and that's Joshua Kimmich. He could be our Rodri, if we trust him. He was our best player against Spain, even as a right-back, but in my opinion, more valuable in midfield.” will be.”

Julian Nagelsmann, head coach of the German national team, said about the replacement of Kroos: “Nowadays it's hard to find a player to replace him 1:1, otherwise he wouldn't be one of Germany's greatest footballers.”

He continued: “He was a part of the team and we have to replace that part, something that may not work immediately in terms of value, but eventually we will find solutions to move the game forward in a similar way.”

Nagelsmann introduced Pascal Grosz, who had only a supporting role in the Euros in the shadow of Kroos, as one of the options: “Yes, he's 33, not the youngest, but he's someone who can deliver a similar style.”

In addition, there are two promising players in Kroos' position: 20-year-old Alexander Pavlovic of Bayern Munich (who missed the Euros again with tonsillitis) and 23-year-old Angelo Stiller of Stuttgart. “Ultimately, it's up to the players to validate the performance they've shown.”

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