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Meta ends the ban on the word “martyr”.

The Meta Board announced that the company's decision to ban the word “martyr” was too strict and would be reversed across all Meta platforms.

Eviralnews, quoted by Reuters, Meta, the owner of Facebook, has announced that it will lift the blanket ban on the word “martyr”.

The decision follows a year-long review by Meta's watchdog, which found the social media giant's approach to be “too strict”.

Meta has been criticized for years for its management and censorship of content related to the Middle East, including in a 2021 study commissioned by Meta itself that found the company's approach to Palestinians and other Arabic-speaking users had an “adverse human rights impact.” ” had.

Criticism of Meta's biased performance has intensified since hostilities between Israel and Hamas began in October.

The platform's content monitoring board is funded by Meta, but it operates independently.

The watchdog began its investigation into the word “martyr” last year, as it led to more content removals on meta platforms than any other word or phrase.

A recent Meta review in March found that Meta's rules for the word “martyr” were not comprehensive and did not include the variety of meanings of the word, resulting in the removal of content that was not intended to support violent acts.

Meta's oversight board welcomed the change, saying that Meta's previous policy of banning the word “martyr” had resulted in millions of people being censored across its platforms.

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