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Mini El Clasico in the most attractive Euro game

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According to Sport Se, without a doubt the match between Germany and Spain could have been the final of the 2024 European Nations Cup, because these two teams have presented the highest quality in their previous four matches during this competition, and naturally, the elimination of one of these two teams before the final is for football. And this tournament is not good.

Anyway, the interesting point in the confrontation between these two teams is the face-to-face group of players from Real Madrid and Barcelona in the form of the German and Spanish national teams, which can create a small and attractive El Clasico in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024.

Joselu, Nacho and Carvajal from Real Madrid and Pedri, Yamal, Fran Torres and Fermin Lopez from Barcelona are present in the Spanish national team. In the German national team, Toni Kroos and Rudiger are members of the Real Madrid club, and Gundogan and Terstegen play for Barcelona, ​​and the confrontation of these people in the game on Friday evening can be very attractive and spectacular and reminiscent of the classics of the last one or two seasons.

Of course, among the players of the German national team, Terstegen, who is definitely on the bench, and in the Spanish team, Nacho and Joselu, among the Real Madrid players, do not have a place in the starting line-up, and among the Barça national team players, Fran Torres and Fermin Lopez are considered bench players.

In fact, at the beginning of the match, Carvajal, Pedri and Yamal will face off against Toni Kroos and Gundogan, which can create interesting and interesting moments, and it should be seen that these stars will play a decisive role for their national team to reach the semi-finals. or not

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