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Musyala: Germany wants to win the cup because of Kroos!

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According to “Eviralnews“, Jamal Musyala, the young star of Germany and Bayern Munich, has attracted more attention with his brilliance in Euro 2024. ,

Today, Musyala said in front of the Sky network camera that it is not true that he is considered the main star of Germany in this tournament. Jamal praised Toni Kroos and said that he is the anchor and the main star of Mannschaft in this period of competitions. ,

In response to Sky's claim that he was called the main star of Mannschaft, Musyala said: “The main star is Toni. I could talk about Kroos for hours. What he adds to the team as a player and as a great figure in the history of football is fantastic. Toni, the way he is in training and in games, makes We will find motivation to try much more than before”. ,


Musyala continued his speech: “Tony is especially important for us younger guys. When we go forward and we know Kroos is behind us, we play so calmly that I don't know how to describe it. We want to do everything in our power to win this trophy. Let's do it. This is the best gift for Tony at the end of his football career. ,

Source : Varzesh3

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