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Nacho: A month ago, no one would have believed that we would become a finalist

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According to Eviralnews, the Spanish national team was able to reach the finals of Euro 2024 with a 2-1 advantage in the match against France. After this game, Nacho, who was fixed in La Roja's lineup due to Robin Le Normand's suspension, talked about his team's progress to the final.

Stating that this achievement is valuable for him and his team, Nacho said: “It's amazing, we're happy and tired. Reaching the finals of a European competition with the national team is magical. I can't believe this.”

He added: “If someone would have told me this would happen a few months ago, I wouldn't have believed it. It is really great and incredible. “Congratulations to all Spaniards and our fans around the world.”

Referring to the importance of this success in his career, Nacho stated: “This achievement is like the culmination of a wonderful career.”

He further said: “We have a final coming up which will be fantastic. “We have a team with strong personalities, this combination of experienced and young players makes us stronger.”

Source : Varzesh3

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