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Nagelsman's special action was held to meet Spain/Germany's secret training!

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On Friday night, in the framework of the quarter-final stage of the 2024 European Cup of Nations, the German national team must face the Spanish national team with the support of the spectators and in one of the most difficult games of this tournament, in order to determine the role of one of the four teams advancing to the semi-final stage. .

The trainings of the German national team have been held in the last few days, but Yulin Nagelsman, in cooperation with the German Football Federation, held the German trainings today in secret before the meeting with Spain.

Today, the German training area was completely covered and the security forces guarded the entire place tightly to prevent anyone from approaching.

Also, the security staff chased the passers-by of the place so that they would not hear any sound from the training place by playing loud music!

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