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Nagelzaman on the verge of tears: I wanted to become a champion

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According to “Eviralnews“, a day after Germany lost 1-2 against Spain and eliminated this team from Euro 2024, Yulian Nagelzman answered the questions of journalists in a press conference.

He, who has a contract until 2026, will continue his work in Mannschaft.

Julian Nagelzman, who looked upset, said angrily: “I'm fighting back tears because these are very emotional moments. I've always said we need the fans behind us. From March onwards, it was clear that the fans felt something different about the team. We made decisions that others didn't make and people felt that we wanted to change things. When we see the fans' videos, I get emotional because we wanted to win the championship because of them. Yesterday many players also cried and the atmosphere in the dressing room was completely emotional and different. We all wanted to give more things for the sake of the fans, but it didn't happen.”

Nagelzaman said about the upcoming challenges: “The League of Nations is a tournament that can be won. We have to look at it differently than any friendly game. We have important qualifying games for the 2025 World Cup and then the 2026 World Cup ahead of us. “We want to use the League of Nations to improve ourselves.”


Nagelsmann said about replacing Toni Kroos: “It will be difficult to replace him and find a player of the same quality. With Pavlovic or Angelo Stiller, we have two players who can replace him in terms of style of play. We also have Pascal Gross.

The coach said about the elimination of Germany: “I'm going to miss the people we've worked with over the past few weeks. I will miss the emotional moments. We experienced all the highs, both positive and negative. From sadness and emptiness to happiness. In the 89th minute, it was all over, but we came back. That's what I'll miss the most.”

Nagelzaman said about Gundogan: “I haven't gotten any signal from him whether he's moving on or saying goodbye. He is a quiet leader who doesn't give stormy speeches, but is very experienced. Of course, I would be happy if he spoke. “Ultimately, it's up to the big players to decide for themselves.”


Nagelzaman said about the combination of Ashbah with Amre Jan and Sane: “It's easy to talk now. We were hoping for a different result, but all the players did their best. This defeat was not due to life and death. We were all eliminated together. “In the end, we had to make a decision in the second half, to change the situation.”

Nagelzman said about the ball hitting Kokoria's hand, which was not called a penalty:Some players have asked the referee. I don't know if the previous scene was Folkrog's offside or not. I have different information as to why the VAR didn't check it. Not really clear. I wish the referees would pay more attention to this issue so that their faces are not damaged more. I've already said what I'd like to change. We will not receive an answer in this case, so we will continue.”

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