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NATO: It is still too early to talk about Ukraine's membership in NATO

Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that it is “too early” to determine the timetable for Ukraine's membership in the alliance and that his allies are ready to discuss what they call a “bridge” to invite Kiev they do.

As NATO begins its three-day summit, Stoltenberg told reporters: “To invite a new ally, we need consensus, and all allies agree that Ukraine should join NATO, but it is still too early to say exactly.” When will this happen?

Stoltenberg said the allies would agree on Ukraine's eventual membership in a “strong message” to be released as part of a NATO statement later Wednesday.

He added that the coalition's plans to establish a new command at a headquarters in Germany, as well as logistics centers in eastern flank countries that would be used to facilitate military aid to Kiev, were part of the coalition's “concrete steps” to bring Ukraine closer to membership.

Other steps include a “long-term commitment” to maintain aid and ongoing efforts to increase military interoperability between NATO allies and Ukrainian forces.

The war in Ukraine is sure to feature prominently in NATO talks this week, as the military alliance presses allies to spend more than their long-term goal of two percent of gross domestic product on defense.

Stoltenberg also noted that the two percent target is now a minimum that allies must meet because of the war in Ukraine.

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