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Naughty Dog uses Linux to develop its games

A new job advertisement recently published by Naughty Dog shows that some of the company's systems still use the Linux operating system.


Naughty Dog Studio has long relied on Linux-based tools for game development. A new job posting published by the team offers some interesting information about the game development practices at Naughty Dog, including the favorite scripting language of the studio's IT department.

Although Linux is a fairly popular operating system among software developers, it is not the dominant operating system in today's game studios. This is especially important in the PlayStation segment, as the official development environment for Sony's consoles is primarily designed to run on Windows.

Some of Naughty Dog's operating systems use the Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system. Naughty Dog last confirmed its commitment to open source operating systems in 2014. At the time, Jason Gregory, the studio's senior programmer, revealed that Naughty Dog's game development workflow used “Linux-based tools” because of its powerful command line.

According to a recently published job ad, this situation seems to have not changed much a decade after that interview. In this job ad, Naughty Dog is looking to hire an IT support technician who is familiar with the Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system.

Of course, the nature of this role doesn't necessarily confirm that Naughty Dog is still using Linux-based tools for game development. This is because the desired job position is more focused on building and running computer systems than directly using Linux to make games. But the content of the job ad shows that Naughty Dog's modern computer systems are a mix of Linux, Windows 10 and Windows 11 machines.

This job posting also mentions some of the structured search, scripting, and programming languages ​​currently in use at the company. This list includes Bash, PowerShell, and Python. All of these languages ​​can be used on Windows- or Linux-based computers, although the Bash command-line language is traditionally more used on Unix-based operating systems such as macOS and Linux itself.

Detailing the way computer systems are set up at Naughty Dog, a recently published job ad suggests that these processes have been somewhat automated, at least on the software side. However, this is not so surprising, because the automation of processes has been at the forefront of the IT sector for a long time, and its importance and benefits are related to the increase in the size of any company. Naughty Dog's workforce is expected to exceed 400 people by mid-2024, so it's only natural that the studio wants to automate as much of its processes as possible.

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