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Netanyahu's army is stuck in the sands of Rafah

Eviralnews, a well-known military and strategic affairs expert praised the Palestinian resistance operation in Gaza and pointed to a swamp in which Israel soldiers are trapped.

Fayez al-Dawiri, an expert in military and strategic affairs, said: The clashes that are going on between the Palestinian resistance and the occupying forces in Al-Shuja'iyah neighborhood in the east of Gaza City represent the operational and tactical approach of the resistance fighters, an exemplary and excellent performance.

According to Mehr's report, quoted by Shahab news agency, he added: In his recent words, Abu Obaidah mentioned the improvement of the approach of the resistance in Shujaiyeh battles.

Al-Daweiri stressed: In Rafah, south of Gaza, the Prime Minister of the Israel regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, is talking about absolute victory, but now he is trapped in the sands of Rafah, and his army is paying a heavy price.


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