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New York Times: Biden is embarrassing himself

Eviralnews, quoted by ISNA, US President Joe Biden and the candidate of the Democratic Party in the 2024 presidential election of this country, after the first debate that was held on June 27 against Donald Trump, the candidate of the Republican Party, due to his poor performance and stuttering. His language was under the microscope of the media and the world.

The editorial board of the New York Times writes in an article: “Democrats who want to defeat Trump in the November elections should have a frank conversation with Biden. They should tell Biden that his defiance will help Trump win the election.”

After the first debate, from political commentators to the media close to the Democrats and even Biden's allies, they have asked him to withdraw from the election competition, and these people and the media consider the president's “old age and physical and mental problems” to be the reason.

The New York Times continued: “They (Democrats) should tell Biden that he is embarrassing himself and jeopardizing his legacy. “He needs to hear clearly that he is no longer an effective spokesperson for his priorities.”

Despite Biden's insistence on his ability to run for president, the stakes are “very high” for Democrats if he wants to continue in the race, the left-leaning editorial board wrote.

Citing interviews with more than 50 Democrats, this newspaper previously wrote in a report: “Many officials, legislators and strategists in his own party find Biden's candidacy deeply intolerable, and their concerns in their private circles are gradually It will be made public.”

This is while Biden, in a letter addressed to the Democrats of the US Congress who want him to withdraw from the election competition, considered such action to be a violation of the will of the voters in the intra-party elections and emphasized that he will not withdraw from the elections.

The New York Times editorial board concluded: “Biden doesn't realize he's in trouble now, but Democrats hope he drops out of the race.”


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