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Nintendo: Developers should deliver optimized games without the need for modifications

Nintendo believes that if players are disappointed with a title, it's pointless to release updates and terms.


Today, many AAA games have flaws that lead players to write negative reviews. Cyberpunk 2077 is a clear example of how, at the same time, CDPR refused to give up and finally turned things around.

Even the acclaimed Shadow of the Erdtree expansion had performance issues, leading to a wave of criticism on the Steam platform. Nintendo has shared its thoughts on the matter, with Masahiro Sakurai asking the developers to release the “final product”.

Masahiro Sakurai, the developer of the popular Super Smash Bros. games, has mentioned on YouTube the problems of developing AAA titles, including optimization and bugs:

If possible, the game should be in perfect condition at the time of release, which is almost impossible with today's titles.

Sakurai has no problem with releasing post-launch updates. In fact, he believes that the release of fixes and expansion packs will benefit the games.

At the same time, Sakurai feels that developers should focus more on refining the final product. While AAA games are too big to play consistently these days, there are a few exceptional releases in between.

Sakurai believes that there is no point in releasing updates and fixes if the player is disappointed with the game after starting it.

Sakurai also mentioned that the development of AAA titles has become much more difficult and it is not an exaggeration to say that these titles are ten thousand times more complex than before. Worse, the game development process may be constantly changing, and developers rarely have time to focus on the project.

Despite these recommendations, Sakurai believes that the updates will improve the game. He also emphasized that it is very difficult to test game bugs because the developers cannot experience their effects as many as millions of players.

Given that few studios are releasing their games without bugs these days, he named a handful of developers who strive to deliver flawless work; Like Shift Up Studio and Stellar Blade game. Previously, Shift Up Studio was praised for releasing Stellar Blade in a highly optimized environment.

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