North Korea test-fired a new ballistic missile

The Korean Central News Agency added: North Korea's “Missile Administration” will conduct another test this month (July) to check the “explosive power” of the heavy warhead of this new missile.

Hwasongfu-11 or Hwasong-11 is a series of North Korean short-range ballistic missiles, also known as KN-23 and KN-24.

South Korea said on Monday that its northern neighbor tested 2 ballistic missiles, the first of which was probably NK-23 and flew about 600 kilometers.

According to this report, the second missile also flew 120 kilometers but finally exploded and fell on North Korean soil.

The North Korean Central News Agency did not mention the second missile in its report.

According to Reuters, Ukrainian officials claim that by examining the remnants of the missiles that Russia fired at their country, they have come to the conclusion that North Korea gave Russia KN-23 missiles and that Moscow used them against Ukraine. Russian and North Korean officials have denied this accusation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently met in Pyongyang to sign a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement that includes a mutual defense agreement.

Referring to this pact, Putin said that Moscow and Pyongyang pledged to come to the aid of the other in case of an attack on one side.

South Korean officials say that North Korea's purpose in testing its short-range ballistic missiles is to demonstrate its capabilities to potential buyers.

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