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Olympic selection basketball Battle of the giants in Greece

According to Tasnim news agency, on the last day of the group stage of the Paris 2024 Olympic basketball selection tournament, the following 4 groups and the faces of the teams advancing to the semi-final stage were determined.

The most interesting game of the semi-final stage in Greece will be held between the two teams of Slovenia and Greece. The Greeks rely on the brilliance of Yannis Antetokounmpo and the Slovenian players rely on the skills of Luka Doncic to win this decisive match.

The results of the final day of the group stage matches are as follows:

New Zealand 78 – Slovenia 104
Greece 93 – Egypt 71

Philippines 94 – Georgia 96
Cameroon 77 – Brazil 74

Puerto Rico
Ivory Coast 81 – Mexico 92
Puerto Rico 80 – Italy 69

Angola 70 – Lebanon 74
Poland 88 – Finland 89

The schedule of the semi-final matches that will be held today and tomorrow is as follows:

Greece – Slovenia
Dominican Republic – Croatia

Brazil – Philippines
Cameroon – Latvia

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico – Mexico
Italy – Lithuania

Bahamas – Lebanon
Finland – Spain

Before this, the participation of the national basketball teams of France (host), South Sudan, Canada, America, Japan, Germany, Serbia and Australia in the 2024 Olympics has been confirmed and the mentioned teams are trying to get the remaining four quotas.

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