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Only he knows Nagelzaman's composition

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According to Sport Se, Yulian Nagelzman played in all three group stage games against the teams of Scotland, Hungary and Switzerland with a fixed line-up, although his decisions in one or two positions were criticized.

However, in the elimination game against Denmark, the head coach of Mannschaft made three changes to his team, of course, one of them was mandatory.
In the match of the round of 16, Nagelzaman benefited from Niko Eschloterbek in midfield instead of Jonathan Tah, who was given two warnings and suspended. In the left defense, he used David Raum instead of Maximilian Mittelstadt, because Raum was the saving goal of the Germans in his short minutes against Switzerland and helped Germany avoid defeat and become the leader. At the same time, in a strange decision against Denmark, Nagelsmann replaced Leroy Sane with Florin Wirtz, who, despite these changes, passed Denmark's barrier in a tough and close game and brought his team to the final eight teams of Euro 2024.

However, now Germany's main line-up is uncertain at least in these three positions for Friday's match against Spain. In the press conference before the match against Spain, Nagelsmann only talked about his decision to play Sane or Wirtz, but he did not give any code about which one he prefers over the other, emphasizing that it is very good to have two quality players. choose one

The fact that Florin Wirtz did not have the brilliance of last season's club competitions in Euro and apparently the fatigue of numerous club competitions affected the quality of his work. But Sane, despite his impressive speed and technical abilities, is completely careless in playing the final shots, although against Denmark, he was in a better condition overall than in the group stage games, when he entered the field as a substitute player.

In the center of the defensive line, what was seen from Eschloterbek and Tah shows the fact that Eschloterbek is more agile and more dominant in playmaking, even though he assisted Musyala for the second goal of the game against Denmark with his beauty and creativity. Eschloterback also showed an angry and thirsty scorer in the penalty shootout, but according to Nagelsmann's words after the Denmark game, it seems that Jonathan Tah will return to the starting line-up and the heart of the defense due to more experience and play alongside Rudiger against Spain.

In the left defense position, due to the presence of Lamine Yamal as the most dangerous offensive element of Spain in the role of the right winger and considering that Mittelstadt is a more stable player than Raum and more successful in the defensive phase. There is a possibility that this defender of the Stuttgart team will return to the main team in his club's home stadium.

It is also expected that Florin Wirtz will be closer to the starting line-up than Sane for this game, and the possibility that Nagelsmann will play against La Roja with the same fixed elbow for the three group stage games is very high.

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