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Open with Kroos: sleepless and helpless, but I am German!

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According to “Eviralnews“, after the bitter elimination of Germany from the quarter-finals of Euro 2024, Toni Kroos once again talked about that historic match, with the difference that this time in an interview with his brother Felix's podcast, Einfach Mal Le Pen's podcast, about what Immediately after losing to Spain, he talked about him and the German national team. …

34-year-old Kroos, whose final whistle against Spain was the final whistle of his football career, added personal details to his narrative that made it twice as interesting. …

Tony said about what was going on in the German dressing room in the minutes after the defeat. Yu Kimish said a sentence that was in everyone's heart but not spoken. He said it's one of those nights when you can't say good night, that's how it used to be, and then go to sleep.“.

This was not Kroos' first experience of painful defeats in major tournaments, and he said that's why“This was the first time that we didn't feel that we didn't give everything to be successful. We used to say that maybe we could have tried harder, maybe we lost ourselves early, but this time it wasn't the case”. …

* The best half hour of the entire tournament
Kroos has a fascinating description of Germany's performance in the Euros: “What we showed in this tournament and the Spain game proved that we may not be the best team for 90 minutes against such an opponent, but all the guys on the pitch gave it their all.” “

He believes that even when Germany received the first goal from Spain, it was still one of the best teams in the tournament. According to Kroos: “After we scored the first goal, we played the best half an hour of the tournament. We had five or six 100% chances and we scored with a firm belief in ourselves. We really deserve praise for that.” Everyone saw what a combination of quality and determination could do.” …

Kroos considered luck as an important factor in Germany's loss and said: In the end, we were hit by luck because we were ready for the game to go to penalty kicks, and this was completely possible“.


* Could Toni Kroos score in the penalty shootout?

Kroos spoke with rare frankness about his physical condition and said: If I could reach the penalty spot, yes. Believe me, I didn't have enough to reach the penalty spot from the middle of the field“.

Tony returned to his home in Madrid shortly after eliminating Germany and shared an interesting memory with his brother: “When I returned home half an hour later I was on the grass again because my son Finn was waiting for me to play with him. But I couldn't. I wanted to follow I didn't have the ability to run. It's very strange that the brain has power over the body. I was physically ready for the semi-finals, but now that I lost, I couldn't take a step from my heart There was none of them up to my feet. …

* Don't worry, brother, take care of your body sometimes!

Kroos then told his brother that shortly after the game, he tried to run on a treadmill for half an hour to prove to himself that he has control over his body. Felix Kroos was so surprised to hear this that he said: Don't worry brother, let your body be a body. Just like you put away your mobile phone, sometimes put your body away and let go of it

Tony replied: “It was important to tell my brain that it's time bro, I didn't really want to exercise. I wanted to send a message to my brain that you need to find yourself. I was so messed up in those two days that I had to pull myself together.” I would have done it. I am 100% sure that I would have run as usual in the semi-final, but after I tried to play football with my son, I slept in the living room for three hours. …

Toni Kroos continued to talk about the trip by bus from the Stuttgart stadium to the German national team camp“He was upset. But you can't sit on the bus for three hours and not talk to each other. It's difficult to get to know each other better in these situations. Everyone wanted the journey that started to continue.”

* Despair? Don't even imagine it

Kroos says that even the reserve players, even Eintracht Frankfurt's Ruben Koch, who did not play a single minute at the Euros, were not ready to accept despair and despair.

He said to his brother: “You can't believe how upset Pascal Gross was. He talked a lot on the bus and said that although I didn't play much, I saw a lot of beautiful moments in this tournament. It was here that you could understand how amazing these kids are.” Yulian Nagelzaman should really be admired for building such a team. These words on the bus were really good, but after that, I still felt very bad.” …

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