Orban: China is a key player in the Ukrainian peace process

Hungarian Prime Minister's visit to Beijing

The Prime Minister of Hungary arrived in Beijing on an unexpected visit with the aim of meeting and talking with the President of China about the prospect of establishing peace in Ukraine.

According to the political group of the Anna Science and Technology News Agency, citing Reutz, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who recently assumed the rotating presidency of the European Union, in the framework of his travels, which he calls a “peace mission”, on Monday, July 8 (July 18), arrived in Beijing and was welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and other Chinese officials.

After arriving in Beijing, the Prime Minister of Hungary discussed with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the prospect of establishing peace in Ukraine.

Orban's unexpected trip to China has taken place while his previous trip to Moscow to meet and talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin was met with severe criticism from some senior officials of the European Union.

Moments after arriving in Beijing, Viktor Orban emphasized on his Twitter account: “China is considered a key power to provide the conditions for establishing peace in the current war between Russia and Ukraine.” That is why I have come to Beijing to meet and discuss with Xi Jinping in Budapest just two months after his official visit to Budapest.

While supporting China's plan to resolve the ongoing war in Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Hungary also stated: “The end of the war in Ukraine, in addition to Moscow and Kiev as the two main parties to the conflict, was decided by three world powers, the United States of America, the European Union and It depends on China.

According to Chinese state media, Xi also stated during the meeting with Orban: “The international community must create conditions for the resumption of direct negotiations between the two sides of the conflict.”

The Chinese President continued: “It is in the interest of all parties to seek a political solution through the establishment of an early ceasefire.”

Viktor Orban, who previously met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to Kiev and was welcomed by the Kremlin in Moscow, called his visit to Beijing “the third stage of the peace mission”.

The Prime Minister of Hungary, who has close relations with Russia and China, is one of the critics of Western countries' military aid to Ukraine.

Victor Orban's visit to Beijing was made before the NATO summit in Washington, which is supposed to be held on the axis of providing more military support to Ukraine.

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