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Pakistan sends nurses to America

According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, Pakistan's Interior Minister Mohsen Naqvi said in a meeting with Phil Ramos, Vice Speaker of the New York State Assembly, that Pakistani nurses will be employed in America.

Ramos also stated that America is facing a shortage of qualified nurses and Pakistan has many capacities in this field.

Naqvi also added that immediate measures will be taken to send qualified Pakistani nurses to New York.

The Interior Minister of Pakistan also stated that there are vast opportunities for cooperation in the fields of education, health and economic development between the two countries.

Referring to his recent trip to New York, Naqvi said that positive negotiations between the Islamabad Police and the New York Police Department have also been held to increase joint cooperation.

He added that a delegation from Islamabad police will visit New York soon.

The Interior Minister of Pakistan also said that there are many opportunities for cooperation between Pakistan and the United States in the fields of education, healthcare and economic development.

The end of the message.

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