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Pakistan will decide the fate of Afghan refugees today

Eviralnews, following the visit of Filipo Grandi, the head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to Islamabad, the cabinet of the federal government of Pakistan will hold a meeting today (Wednesday, July 20) to decide on the fate of Afghan refugees residing in this country.

This meeting takes place after Grandi's trip to meet Shahbaz Sharif and the decision to temporarily suspend the process of expelling Afghan refugees from Pakistan.

In the meeting with Shahbaz, Filippo Grandi asked Pakistan not to deport refugees with proof of registration (PoR) cards.

A government official, who did not want to be named, told “Dawn News” that the stay of Afghan nationals who have a proof of registration card may be extended from six months to one year.

According to UN officials, more than 1.3 million Afghan refugees with proof of registration cards live in Pakistan.

Dawn News added that Shahbaz, in his meeting with Grandi, criticized the failure of the UN Refugee Agency and said: In the last three years, out of 70,000 Afghan refugees who were supposed to be transferred to third countries, only 9,000 have been sent.

Grandi has pledged to hold talks with country representatives, development organizations and the private sector at the end of this year on finding sustainable solutions for Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

The end of the message.

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