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Politico's account of the reason for Biden's weakness in the debate

According to an online news report from Isna, informed sources said that “Joe Biden”, the president and the candidate of the Democratic Party of the United States for the upcoming presidential elections in this country, died 2 days before his poor performance in the election debate with “Donald Trump” due to a severe cold and fatigue. It was difficult to speak.

On Friday (yesterday), Biden said in an interview with ABC News that he was sick and was very unwell during the debate.

Sputnik news agency reported: Politico published a report on Friday citing five informed sources that Biden woke up with a cold on June 25 and had a short debate practice with his staff, then rested all day. The result of his covid-19 test was negative.

The next day, his aides tried to get to the debate, Politico reported, and preparations continued into Thursday morning.

Some presidential aides believe the increased practice made Biden more tired, sources familiar with the matter told Politico.

Biden appeared dazed and confused during his first debate with Republican nominee Trump last Thursday, fueling concerns about his cognitive ability at 81.

His poor performance in the debate has led some Democratic politicians, donors and other supporters to call for his withdrawal from the race.

The US presidential election is scheduled to be held in November.

Trump and Biden will participate in another debate on September 10.


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