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Putin and Modi emphasized the need for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine

According to the report of the Tasnim International News Agency, citing Sputnik, the leaders of the two countries emphasized the need for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine through dialogue and diplomacy in a statement after the bilateral meeting.

The joint statement said: The parties emphasized the urgent need for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine through dialogue and diplomacy, including the participation of both sides.

It is also emphasized: They noted with satisfaction the relevant proposals for mediation and positive measures aimed at the peaceful settlement of the conflict in accordance with international laws and based on the United Nations Charter.

At the beginning of his talks with Putin today, Modi stated that his country is ready to provide any assistance to establish peace in Ukraine.

Based on this joint statement, the two sides agreed to make every effort to fully unleash the countries' strategic partnership potential.

The heads of the two countries also pledged to try to fully realize the capacity of balanced, mutually beneficial, stable and long-term partnership and prioritize the development of relations in all fields of cooperation, and emphasized that the relations between Russia and India are stable in the current complex and uncertain geopolitical conditions.

The parties pointed to the stability of bilateral partnership, simultaneous and complementary approaches in foreign policy priorities, and emphasized their commitment to further strengthen the special strategic partnership between Russia and India.

Putin and Modi believe that relations between Russia and India as great powers are still an important pillar of global peace and stability in a multipolar world.

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