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Quds battalions' missile attack on the occupied territories

Eviralnews, although 279 days have passed since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the rocket operations of the Palestinian resistance groups to the occupied territories are still continuing.

The Quds Brigades (the military branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement) announced that it targeted the Israel settlements of Ashdod, Ashqlan, Sdirut and other Israel settlements around the Gaza Strip with rocket attacks.

According to Mehr's report, quoted by Al Jazeera, in addition to this, the Quds Battalions emphasized that this morning they also fired rockets at the Israel settlements of “Hulit”, “Yatid” and “Avishalom” around the Gaza Strip.

Also, in a joint operation with fighters of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Battalions, the Quds Battalion fighters targeted the invading soldiers and weapons of the Israel regime around the Al-Sanaa area, located in the southwest of Gaza City, with mortar shells.

The soldiers of the Israel regime army in the support line of the “Netsarim” axis in the south of Gaza City were also attacked by the fighters of the Quds battalions.

Earlier, the Nasser Salahuddin brigades announced that the fighters of these brigades, in a joint operation with the fighters of the Martyr Abdul Qadir al-Husseini battalions, targeted the soldiers and weapons of the Israel regime in the Israel position of “Zikim” with “107” missiles.


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