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Queiroz had trained Mbappe's teammates/ France reminded us of bitter memories!

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France, the finalists of the last two World Cups, with the most expensive star in the world, reached the semi-finals of Euro 2024 in Germany with a strange record. A team that neither scores nor concedes goals during the games! Mbappe reached the semi-finals with an own goal by the rivals and a penalty! But since it became clear that France should play against Spain, many people said about the difficulty of the Roosters. Of course, Spain's task was clearly more difficult, because in the previous match, the hosts were under the most pressure for 120 minutes against Germany and had also lost Dani Carvajal.

At the start of the match, it was France who scored the first goal very soon. Columwally, the player who missed France's most important goal-scoring opportunity in the final seconds of extra time in the World Cup final, scored France's first Euro goal during the game in the semi-final! But Spain made a comeback in the first half, thanks to the youth and motivation of its young stars, and went to the dressing room as a 2-1 winner. Famous French stars had no say in front of the hot Spanish youth!

When France scored the first goal, it was clear that Spain would score the next goals if they pressed, and that's what happened. At least for us Iranians, it was easy to predict this because we had already seen such an experience in our own national team.

The teams with Carlos K's style were very hard to score, but as soon as they scored the first goal, they lost their morale and were ready to receive the next goals. Remember the 2014 World Cup, how we drew against Nigeria, scored a goal against Argentina after the 90th minute with the genius of Messi, but in the last game against Bosnia, we easily conceded three goals to an opponent much weaker than the previous two rivals. But our worst memory goes back to the 2019 UAE Nations Cup. When Ki-Rosh's team reached the semi-finals with 5 wins and no goals, and after conceding the first goal from Japan, they collapsed so much that they lost the game 3-0.

Keirosh in the Qatar national team repeated the same experience against Iran, which caused him to lose his seat one month before the 2023 Qatar Nations Cup. That day, the game was tied without a goal until the 60th minute, in the tournament of the Kingdom of Jordan, but Iran scored 4 goals against the team of Ki-Rosh within 10 minutes.

This France had many similarities to the teams of Ki-Roche, as if Carlos had trained Mbappe's friends! And when he conceded the first goal of the entire tournament in the semi-final, almost everyone was sure that France would lose the game. Just like Italy, which was the host of the World Cup 90 and did not receive a goal until the semi-finals, but receiving the first goal from Claudio Caniggia equaled the game going to penalty kicks and losing the World Cup final in Rome. This means that behind the concrete defense and the defensive work philosophy of very great coaches at the level of Ki-Rosh, there is always the risk that the team will fall apart as soon as they receive the first goal. Now imagine what happens to the copycats! We all know that Javad Nkonam imitated Carlos the most and we saw how close Esteghlal played in the previous season. He didn't have the power to score and in the end he couldn't become the champion.

Euro should be the best lesson for Javad. That he has to score goals to win and he cannot win just by having a name and history and stars. France 2024 became another example of this truth, even with an army of stars in the line of fire, if you don't score, a big team loses…

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