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Real's big risk: Bellingham doesn't work!

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According to “Eviralnews“, Real Madrid's English midfielder Jude Bellingham has continued to play despite pain in his left shoulder after being injured in the game against Rayo Vallecano in November. He wears a shoulder brace that may limit his comfort on the court, but it doesn't seem to have affected him.

Bellingham showed no signs of pain after scoring a converted goal against Slovakia despite falling on his injured shoulder.
Malaga striker Brahim Diaz also suffered a serious fall and injury during the Metropolitano derby defeat in September but continued to play. Real Madrid doctors also prescribed him a strong shoulder brace. This injury did not prevent him from continuing the games.

It was decided that both players would undergo surgery after the end of the Euros and the season, but club sources have announced that neither will undergo surgery. Both players will likely continue to play with shoulder pads to avoid aggravating injuries and then a decision will be made on their conditions at the appropriate time.

Jude Bellingham will be on holiday after the Euros, while Brahim Diaz is due to arrive in Valdés on July 15 to undergo an initial medical and then begin training with Antonio Pintos. Considering Real Madrid's participation in seven different competitions next season, Ancelotti needs all his players including Bellingham and Brahim from the beginning and does not want these two players to undergo surgery.

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