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reducing Afghanistan's imports from Pakistan; Chabahar is replaced

Eviralnews, “Mohammed Khalid Omar”, the head of Nangarhar Customs, announced that the amount of imports from Pakistan has decreased and the amount of exports from Afghanistan has increased.

Pointing to the reason for the decrease in imports from Pakistan, he said: The government of Islamabad always creates problems in the process of export and import, therefore, Kabul is forced to use alternative ways to import goods, and this has caused the amount of imports from Pakistan to increase. Decrease.

Khalid Omar added: “Traders import their goods mostly from Chabahar Dam, imports from Pakistan have decreased, but our exports have increased.”

He also emphasized that the decrease in import and increase in export has not caused any change in Nangarhar customs revenue.

Abdul Salam Javad, the spokesman of the Taliban government's Ministry of Industry and Trade, had previously announced that Afghanistan's trade with other countries has increased through Chabahar and Bandar Abbas.

The Pakistani media reported a while ago that according to the transit trade agreement between Kabul and Islamabad, the Ministry of Commerce of this country has banned the export of 212 items to Afghanistan.

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