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Registration of the fastest service in the history of Wimbledon named “Shelton”

According to Tasnim news agency, Ben Shelton, American tennis player and number 14 in the world ranking, set the record for the fastest serve in the history of Grand Slam Wimbledon. The flight speed of this ball was 246.2 km/h.

Shelton achieved this feat in his second round match at Wimbledon 2024 against Lloyd Harris of South Africa. In this match, Shelton won in five sets.

The fastest serve in the history of the ATP tour was hit by Australian Sam Grote at 263.4 km/h. However, since this happened during a match at the Challenger Series, this record is not officially recognized by the ATP organization.

The fastest recorded serve belongs to American John Isner with a speed of 253 km/h. Shelton's serve is the fifth officially recorded serve in history.

Ben Shelton will play Canada's Denis Shapovalov in the third round of Wimbledon 2024.

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