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Revealing the reasons for Netanyahu's obstruction in the agreement process

According to the Hebrew group of Tasnim news agency, Ma'ariv newspaper published a report on its website on Sunday evening, quoting the former head of the Israeli prisoners and missing persons branch in the Mossad, and revealed that the fear of the end of the political period is the main reason for Netanyahu's sabotage of the process of any agreement.

According to this former Israeli security official, as soon as an agreement is reached, the work of Netanyahu's cabinet will be considered finished and will collapse.

Rami Igra, the former head of Mossad's prisoners and missing persons department, has expressed his assessment of the reports regarding the progress of a possible agreement for the release of prisoners and in response to Maariu's questions about whether this agreement will be realized? And if this is achieved, at what cost? answered.

In this conversation, he first pointed out the reasons for Yahya Al-Sanwar's insistence on his positions and said: Why should Al-Sanwar be willing to give points? He is currently in control of the Gaza Strip, the de facto ruler there, under whom food is distributed and the schools and police are run, while he is recruiting more troops by the minute and thus waging a massive guerilla war against the army. Israel does.

This former senior Mossad director further emphasized: Over time, not only the ideology of Hamas and its message will become stronger in Gaza, but this power will also spread to Judah and Samaria (West Bank).

He added that the ultimate goal of Hamas is to destroy Israel, so the more its power increases in Judea and Samaria, the tighter the circle of encirclement of Israel becomes.

He said that we should always keep in mind that Hamas is not an ethnic organization but a religious organization and its goal to destroy Israel is based on religion and has nothing to do with ethnic issues.

In another part of this conversation, this Israel security expert emphasized the reasons for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's failure in the process of prisoner exchange negotiations: because as soon as an agreement is reached, Netanyahu's cabinet will collapse.

He emphasized that the consequences of signing the agreement is the strengthening of Hamas, which leads to an increase in conflict and tension.

It should be noted that the Prime Minister's Office of the Israel regime announced in a statement on Sunday evening that new demands regarding the prisoner exchange negotiations have been raised and submitted to the mediators.

The Hebrew newspaper Ma'ariv published this statement in this regard and wrote: According to the announcement of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, in any kind of agreement, Israel must be allowed to return to war in order to achieve its goals, and the parties involved must also commit to allowing the smuggling of weapons to Hamas from They will not allow them to cross the Gaza-Egypt border, at the same time thousands of armed people will not be allowed to return to Gaza.

In this statement, it is emphasized that based on Israel's demands, which have been approved by President Biden, Israel will find the possibility to take back the prisoners without harming the goals of the war.

Yair Lapid, the leader of the opposition to Netanyahu's cabinet in the Knesset, said in response to the new demands raised by the Israeli Prime Minister's office: “I have only one question, in the circumstances that we are in a very critical and fateful moment and the lives of the abductees are related to it.” What is the point of raising such demands?

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