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Rodri: Mbappe has not fallen and is very dangerous

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According to “Eviralnews“, after the dramatic victory against Germany, Spain will face France tomorrow night in the semifinals of Euro 2024.

Rhodri, the star of Manchester City, participated in a press conference with the head coach of La Roja today to explain about tomorrow's match against France. ,

He refused to answer questions about the reason for Delafuente's substitutions against Germany, which could tie things up for Spain, and said that these decisions are up to the head coach and he will not interfere in Delafuente's work. Rhodri said that he does not accept the media talk about Mbappe's decline and considers him the most dangerous player in France. ,

Mbappe has fallen, are you more comfortable?
I do not accept what they say about him. Mbappe can turn the page very easily. He is always a threat. ,

The importance of Lamin Yamal?
Lamine is a very young talent. It is not easy to do these things at that age. This guy has great focus. ,

Will Spain's golden generation repeat itself?
It is important today that we are at the beginning of a golden generation. We are only looking at tomorrow, we have a tough game and we have to be the best version of ourselves. ,

Do you consider yourself a chance for the Ballon d'Or?
I have expressed my opinion on this many times. It's great to be recognized as a good player as a footballer, but everything I do is for the team. I play my football and I have the best and most beautiful post. ,

The most dangerous player in France?
Undoubtedly Mbappe. ,

Spain substitutions in the game with Germany?
Until today, I am not the coach of the national team. If he replaced some people, it is because he thought it was necessary. When a new player enters the field, the team can use his quality. Like Fran. The coach doesn't change for no reason and I dedicate myself to playing football and I don't interfere in the coach's work. ,

France has not lost in 90 minutes for 10 years. Aren't you worried?
They are one of the teams that have the most presence in the finals. Yes, France is hard to beat. But we try to play the game the way we want. We are not afraid and can defeat any opponent. ,

The exceptional goal you scored against Georgia from outside the area?
We have players who can change the game in such moments. Shooting from outside the area is one of the football solutions. If the situation is such that I feel that this is the solution, I will definitely shoot. ,

Morata's words
Morata is our captain and tomorrow you will see the best version of him on the field. The decision he makes is his own. ,

Is France playing boring?
They have reached the semi-finals but the other teams have not. We just want to win and we will play our football. The rest is the opinion of others and has nothing to do with us. ,

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