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Ronaldo's tears were crocodile tears!

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According to Eviralnews, since Portugal's game against Slovenia, many criticisms have been directed at Cristiano Ronaldo. The great star of Portugal did not score the penalty awarded to his team during the game, and pictures of him crying were noticed. ,

Ruud Gullit, the former Dutch football star, accused Cristiano of one of the sharpest criticisms today. Gullit said Ronaldo's tears were crocodile tears and he wanted to attract attention as usual. ,

Gullit, who remembers his brilliance in Euro 1988 with the Dutch national team, said about the match between Portugal and Slovenia.: “Every time Portugal gets a chance to shoot, even if the angle isn't good, Ronaldo has to shoot himself and he doesn't allow anyone. After all, as soon as the Portuguese free kick comes, he stands behind the ball. A penalty that is sure It's his. It's interesting that Ronaldo scored only one goal out of every 60 free kicks he took for Portugal. But the problem here is that Ronaldo wants to be in the spotlight as usual.” ,

The Dutch football legend continued: “Honestly, I didn't like what happened in that game at all. Ronaldo missed a bunch of free kicks and didn't even take a penalty. Then he started crying. I think these tears are tears. It is a crocodile”. ,

Gullit continued his harsh and unprecedented criticism of Ronaldo: “These things that Ronaldo does are not acceptable. I really like him, but his behavior is not interesting to me”.

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