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Rumor: The creators of LA Noire are working on a spiritual sequel

It seems that the creators of LA Noire are working on the spiritual sequel of this game. This title is inspired by one of the important areas of the first game, Swoden House.


This game is described as a psychological thriller with a cool story of the 1940s.

In 2011, Team Bondi studio released LA Noire in collaboration with Rockstar Games. Although this title was initially criticized by some critics, it eventually became a popular work among the audience. Now, according to a new revelation, it seems that good news is coming for the fans of this franchise.

According to the leak, former developers Team Bondi are working on a spiritual sequel to LA Noire.

It should be noted that fans have long been clamoring for a new version of this particular franchise, as LA Noire offered a unique experience that combined it with today's technology and storytelling to achieve something new.

This revelation comes from an Instagram post by an Australian artist who is working on the game's soundtrack. The caption of the post states that the makers of LA Noire are working on a psychological thriller codenamed Swoden House.

la noire swoden house

Given that the LA Noire franchise is owned by Rockstar Games, it is unlikely that this title will be a direct sequel to the game. However, due to the inspiration from Swoden House as one of the important locations of the first game, the project is expected to be a spiritual sequel to LA Noire.

One of the most famous cases in the game was the Black-Dahlia murder case. The main suspect in this case lived in Swoden House, so maybe this game has something to do with that case. All in all, it looks like the creators are working on a project with a similar theme to LA Noire, although this project may not be directly related to it.

LA Noire had room for improvement in many aspects including story telling, research process and stage design; Therefore, this spiritual sequel could build on that game's strengths and significantly improve its overall formula.

la noire swoden house

With Rockstar Games focused on GTA 6, it doesn't seem like the company is interested in going back to its old titles. Therefore, making a spiritual sequel could be the best solution for fans, unless Rockstar Games follows the same approach as it did with the Max Payne remasters, making a remake of LA Noire in collaboration with another studio.

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