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Russia: America is looking for a change of government in Georgia

Eviralnews, quoted by Reuters, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service announced on Tuesday: Washington is determined to change the government in Georgia following the results of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The organization further pointed out that Joe Biden's government has already launched a massive information campaign to discredit the ruling party “Georgia Dream”.

Officials of the Georgian Dream Party did not comment on this matter, but they had repeatedly said that Western countries, by supporting opposition groups in this Caucasus country, are trying to push Tbilisi into confrontation with Moscow.

After Georgia's independence in 1991, this country has been one of the pro-Western former Soviet republics until this year, Tbilisi's relations with Western countries were challenged.

Georgia passed a “foreign agents” law in June and has also refused to impose sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine war.

The Foreign Agents Law requires NGOs and media that receive more than 20 percent of their funding from abroad to register and identify themselves as entities that pursue the “interests of a foreign power.”

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